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Flying Returns Account Registration

Required Account Information

To comply with program rules, the First Name (Given Name as in Passport), Last Name (Surname as in Passport), date of birth and gender on the Flying Returns account and flight reservations must match exactly with the passport or government issued photo ID.

You will be required to upload self attested copy of the same document.

I understand and agree that if I do not upload my above mentioned passport / government issued photo ID proof and current mailing / permanent address proof to validate my account within 45 days then I shall only be able to accrue FR Points but not able to redeem FR Points.

If the attached photo ID has a different address, then upload one address proof matching permanent mailing address.

If you are an adult, please provide your own unique mobile number and email address/ID to which all One-Time Pin(OTP) messages will be communicated.

You would need both to complete your enrollment.

Please ensure that the phone number / email id you provide is not linked to any existing member (If you are a child you may provide your parents number).

Please ensure to include this mobile number with plus sign & country code in all future bookings made by your agent/yourself to receive important flight updates.

Please note that this Programme is not currently active